Mallorca Based Yacht Stabilization – Marlin Marine are Now Dealers and Service Agents for the Premier Yacht Stabilization System on the Market. Partners with CMC Marine Marlin Marine Services are able to install zero speed stabilization systems.
Zero Speed Fin Stabilizers
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Have you ever been onboard and couldn’t handle the roll of your boat on a rough sea? Some owners have had the hard choice of having to forgo their love of the sea as their better halves have an aversion to the “rock n roll” of the sea. The best performing solution we would say is provided by Marlin Marine Services along with CMC Marine, now we are able to offer Retrofit Stabilization systems for yachts and Superyachts of all sizes right here in Mallorca Spain.

CMC Marine have advanced stabilization technology in leaps and bounds and now provide fully electric fin stabilization system which we are able to design and fit bespoke to your Yacht. Meaning no matter what size of Yacht you are able to benefit from one of the best stabilization Systems available on the market.

CMC Marine established in 2005, the company has a deep history and capability in fluid dynamics and research and development in this field. The company has generated a number of award winning products and have won the most prestigious prize in the marine industry the DAME in the frame at the METS (The Marine Trade Show in Holland), as well as winning other prizes.

Marlin Marine Services were established in 1996 and have a great deal of experience in Yacht refit and Marine engineering. Together with CMC Marine we are now able to provide in our opinion the best stabilization capabilities and after fit care to your yacht.

The current range of products includes the STABILIS ELECTRA, DUALIS THRUSTERS ELECTRA, DUALIS THRUSTERS HYDRO, DIA-LOG ELECTRONIC REGULATOR and DIRECTA electrically actuated steering system.
The STABILIS ELECTRA is a new addition to the stabilization systems, which we are able to install on practically any hull type, no matter what the length, speed and hull type which has one of the most amazing performance capabilities available.

The Range is always evolving and our combined capabilities growing, yet one important thing to also note is that our electrical control system is fully integrated, which monitors the stabilizing system, and has been improved for faster responses and more functions. You can see the full range of CMC Products by clicking here.

The great benefits are numerous but a few key insights follow. Our fin stabilizers are managed through a touch screen panel positioned on the bridge and engine room control. The system can work automatically which is the adaptive mode, the system would adjust angle and speed automatically, and there is also an option for the Captain to enable the control manually.
Our Fin stabilizers are fully functional at Zero speed so at anchor and are also fully functionally while planning. We even have a Dock Mode option that will allow our system to be fully functional while the boat is in harbour.

CMC Marine Stabilizers

CMC Marine also provides a generous Warranty period of up to 18 months from system commissioning and up to 24 months after delivery.
The cut to the chase, the advantages of our Fin Stabilization system, CMC Marine stabilizers are able to reduce roll by up to 98% while at navigation and at anchor up to 65% (depending on weather and sea conditions and the characteristics of the boat). In fact we can improve these figures as the system is able to fully function with 4 fins.

We currently offer three separate Stabilization capabilities the High Speed, Short Range and Long Range STABILIS ELECTRA systems which are fully electric, the High Speed for boats quicker than 24knots, the short Range is vessels up to 80 ft, Long Range is for semi displacement boats.
If you are refitting your yacht whatever the size write in or ask for our expert advise you can contact on the following phone and email:

Phone +34 971 232 896

CMC Marine Stabilizers
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